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Over the recent years, the demand of high-end mobile apps for business and organizations has escalated quickly. If you don’t want to lag behind in this race to achieve technological advancements, Webwiz can offer you a brilliant solution. As one of the leading mobile app development company, Webwiz has a team of experienced iOS and Android developers who can build creatively designed, scalable applications for your organization.

Our trained staff has experience of working with clients from all around the globe and can assist you in creating powerful, customized applications for Android or iOS. Using the latest tools and technologies, the mobile app developers at Webwiz can build apps tailored specifically to meet your business needs, that would not only help you stay ahead of your competition, but also improve the operational efficiency of your organization, allowing you to reach new heights that you have always dreamed about.

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Development Platforms

Android App Development

Here at Webwiz we have brilliant Android mobile app developers working under our roof with a vast experience of working with international clients.


iOS App Development

As a prominent iOS app development company, Webwiz takes pride in its team of highly experienced iOS developers who can build customized apps for your business or organization.


Hybrid App Development

With the ever growing share of Android operating system throughout the world, it is no doubt that android is a service that no organization can overlook.


Expand your business: we create apps for


We believe that any individual can leave their mark on the internet and we always help such venturers achieve their goals. We can come up with fresh ideas, prototypes and MVPs to allow such individuals to kick start their online presence through one of the best mobile app development companies.


We help startups to launch, build and grow their awesome ideas on web or mobile platforms. A startup always require a fresh outlook on their idea. Webwiz not only takes a deep analysis of their project but also suggest ideas and ways to better the first impression on their customers.

Small Business

Helping small businesness to automate all their business operations, expanding their market and maximising the opportunities. Business automation and operation streamlining is very important for small businesses to ensure their growth and Webwiz excells in such areas.


Our fruitful experience with various largescale businesses has helped us garner rich expertise with enterprise level solutions. Be it migrating from legacy systems to enabling the benefits of mobile or alternate platforms, we have provided enterprises with the required solutions.

Mobile Application Development our selected work

  • Restaurant Wait Time

    Restaurant Wait Time

    An Android based app which allows you to track the waiting times at any restaurant...

  • GenieManager Mobile App

    GenieManager Mobile App

    A SaaS based ERP tool and a Marketplace platform developed for one of the leading...

  • Nighter App Mobile

    Nighter App

    Nighter App is a social networking app connecting users after the night falls.

  • Grocery App

    Grocery App

    An Android and iOS based Grocery App that allows users to locate nearby grocery stores...

  • Illuminappi Chat app

    Illuminappi Chat app

    Illuminappi is an ephemeral messenger that allows users to delete any message...


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