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Webwiz is a total IT solution provider with focus on Enterprise applications. We provide highly efficient web application development services, database solutions and mobile applications.

Our clients have utilized our solutions for the betterment of their processes and have met the standards of the ever evolving challenges of IT.

Webwiz, leading software and app development company. We are preferred custom web solution provider working on platforms like android, ios, asp .net, php and others.

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PHP Application Development

Forming the major chunk of web application development, PHP Technology provides flexibility and stability in developing web applications. Development tools like corePHP, WordPress, CakePHP and CodeIgniter are areas where you will find skilled resources from Webwiz.

PHP, being an open source technology, has contributed a major chunk in slicing the cost barrier in an application development. With its continuous enhancements and updates, PHP has become one of the most preferred choice of technology for web application development.

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.Net Application Development

Developing Rich Internet Applications and robust web applications on Microsoft technologies, backed by years of experience and expertise in supporting frameworks, like ASP.Net Frameworks, ASP.Net Core, C#, MVC Architecture, Dot Net Nuke, Microsoft Dynamics, and others.

With years of experience in developing cutting-edge web and desktop applications in .Net technology, Webwiz has paved its way in being one of the leading ASP.Net development company.

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Django Framework Development

Leading the Python torch is its most favored framework Django. This is a widely-used Python web application framework comes with a “batteries-included” philosophy. The principle behind batteries-included is that the common functionality for building web applications should come with the framework instead of as separate libraries.

Webwiz has always stayed ahead of the race in accepting latest technologies. Our experience and expertise in Django has helped us develop scalable and robust solutions for our clients across various domains and sectors.

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NodeJS Application Development

At Webwiz, you will discover a plethora of development options. And NodeJS is one of our latest additions. Our expert team of NodeJS programmers can create comprehensive server side web applications for various domains.

NodeJS is known for its stable and robust development platform based on JavaScript. And similarly, Webwiz is also known for providing outstanding NodeJS development services to its clients, satisfying all their development needs.

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